Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Surprising move

I have to admit, I am surprised the team decided to make logical, tough business moves with the promotion of Clement and Wlad. They totally screwed up Jones last year, and they and Baker can try and explain how the situations are completely different all they want, but the team made a quick decision on Wilkerson and I am genuinely surprised.

However, as much as I am happy to see the team make this decision I am concerned about expectations. You cannot judge what Wlad does in 20 at bats. You just can't. Same goes for Clement. If this team thinks vets can be judged under a different set of rules they are kidding themselves. You bring up Wlad and play him because you believe he is ready to play at the ML level. You cannot yank him from the lineup because he went 0-9. You can't make him feel every at bat determines his future in the majors. They already feel enough pressure as it is, and the team doesn't need to add to it by some ridiculous playing schedule McLaren makes up based on the previous night.

The best possible outcome is both Wlad and Clement come out smoking and eliminate whatever "platoon" McLaren comes up with. They can say Wlad is the starting RF all they want, but a hot start will really help the team and the players avoid a repeat of previous years.

The team management did something they wouldn't have done last year, or the past 5 years. It's refreshing, and I welcome them to the 21st Century.