Mariners Analysis

Monday, April 28, 2008

We've had great starting pitching

Something that I see written by many columnists and fans-

"The team has great starting pitching..."

It's true of course. You have Bedard, Felix and Silva who if they continued on their present pace would all be competing for a Cy Young award. But we know that's not happening.

Batista has been spotty, but hopefully Friday night is just a blip and he continues to pitch well enough to win some games.

Washburn is a true back of the rotation kind of guy. He will have some games where the team hits them right at somebody and gets great results... and other nights where he's the same pitcher but gets shelled.

Silva is a number three pitcher. We can either believe in the 10 years of previous data or the past 5 weeks. If you think Stottlemeyer is a genius and Bavasi found a hidden gem, I guess Silva will have a FIP of 3.5 and win 18 games this year. It's also possible he's due for a serious regression to the mean.

Felix is fantastic, no doubt about that. Let's hope McLaren doesn't let him throw 115 pitches every game because he can't manage a bullpen.

Bedard when healthy is looking good as well. Jury is still out until he can throw some starts together.

The FO needs to act with a sense of urgency with the offense because there will be a time when the starting pitching comes back to earth. There is no way Silva pitches like this all year, and we are under .500 with him hiding a superman cape under his uniform.

Can you imagine what this team will do if the offensive woes continue and the starting pitching hits a rough spot?

That should be keeping Bavasi up at night right now.