Mariners Analysis

Friday, May 23, 2008

Bedard gives up 5 runs to the Yankees?

As we watch the game, my eyes see Vidro with two hits and Bedard with five earned runs.

That's impossible?!!

Bedard is an ace. A top of the rotation pitcher. A TOR pitcher.

(I said that last part really slow so you understand just how important and special it is to have one of these.)

It is said by many when you have a TOR, you win games. And when you win games, you win more games. Get it?

They also are really handy because they stop all losing streaks. So handy you'll give up half your farm system to get one, instead of using your own guys.

This makes me a little shocked to see Bedard not pitching like a TOR. Did he get a bad catcher? Did he get thrown off by McLaren's ejection? Bad sushi?

When we do find out the excuses/reasons for his poor outing, just ask yourself one thing.

If a certain young, talented Latin pitcher gave up five runs tonight, would he be treated the same? Does he get to have the same excuses?

Just wondering.