Mariners Analysis

Monday, May 19, 2008

Don't fall for it

Baker and the local papers may try and get fans thinking this series is important. That the team is in position to get back in the race.

It's a silly argument, and I doubt any one past the stage of casual fan would fall for it.

When the two worst teams in baseball (M's and Padres) collide someone has to win. The fact the team was pressed to win two of three with their best pitchers on the mound was telling. I'll also note the results Felix had this start was little different than his previous outing. The Padres can't hit for beans- exactly the opponent the M's can "handle." That's all we learned this weekend.

We now have Detroit, record wise the best team to compete with the Mariners for the title of biggest loser. Just like the Padres, some one has to win and I guess the local scribes can try to generate excitement from a series win.

I want to root for the team, but they are doing exactly what I hoped they wouldn't when then sent Clement down and are going with Vidro again. It was a mistake to make decisions based on 50 at-bats, but it's exactly what they are doing. With Vidro they have little upside, but in a "win now" mode Bavasi and McLaren apparently think this is their best shot.

Good luck with that guys. I'll be watching, but you'll need to do more than take 2 of 3 from the Padres before I become a believer.