Mariners Analysis

Monday, May 12, 2008

Finally a win

The consensus was the team needed to do well at home. Instead they won twice during the home stand and fell to the bottom of the AL. Instead of declaring them dead however, some still see hope because the Angels lost over the weekend too!

Sorry, but this is wishful thinking to an extreme. I know we all feel this team is better than they've shown (even the worst critics don't believe they are the worst team in baseball) but even Bavasi's mom has got to realize this team has serious flaws.

We all knew Sexson, Ibanez, Vidro and Lopez were question marks coming in to the season. Both Lopez and Ibanez are a mixed bag. Both are hitting, but their lack of defense negates much of what they bring to the table. Vidro and Sexson have been disasters.

So they won yesterday. Does that make Sexson any more likely to turn it around? Is Vidro suddenly going to hit for power? Is Washburn developing an out pitch all of a sudden?

This team is not going to lose every series. They will string together wins and give hopeless optimists reason to try and imagine them climbing back in to the race. But even with a 4 or 5 game win streak, the problems on this team will remain. I don't see how Baker or anyone else not related to Bavasi or McLaren can possibly pretend this team as presently constructed is ready to compete.

We are 25% of the way in to the season. The flaws have been exposed for all to see. Until they are patched/fixed this team isn't going any where.