Mariners Analysis

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Fingerpointing begins alright

Now that the team is starting to implode, the blame game steps in to high gear. Sites like Baker and DOV were very vocal about how good this team would be, and now sit in the position of having to defend their predictions.

I have always felt Baker would come around on his baseball views. You can see it in his use of statistics on this site. It won't be long and FIP+ will start getting mentioned in his blog updates.

What would be sad would be to simply blame this on the players. Yes the players always bear ultimate responsibility, as they are the ones on the field, but the warning signs for this team were crystal clear for anyone paying attention.

Any number of computer simulations of the season were run before opening day. Two things stood out for Mariner fans- our offense wasn't very good, and Oakland might not be as bad as the national media predicted.

It's kind of interesting how we are almost 25% into the season and those computer models are dead on. They aren't always or sports would be really boring, but as a fan you can't help but be fascinated when we went in to the season how it would play out.

Baker is already saying the correct moves were made. The pitching is better and the groundwork has been laid. Of course no mention of the famous "pitching wins championships" stuff we hear all off season. This team has great starting pitching most nights yet is in last place.

The fingerpointing begins and we haven't even hit summer yet.