Mariners Analysis

Friday, May 09, 2008

Good time to get on the road

This team needs to get away from home and just think about baseball. Probably not easy to do when the papers and sports radio are calling for firings and shakeups. No matter what you thought of Bavasi or the Bedard trade, there is no way this team should be this bad.

If this continues, you really have to think there is some "culture" problem or losers attitude that has taken hold of this franchise. They came in to the season with high expectations, but faced with the slightest adversity they didn't just fade, they ran screaming into the night. Last night not withstanding, there appears little fight or leadership in this club.

Talent wins games, but even the most pessimistic fan couldn't have thought this team was the worst team in the AL. But here we are.

What must be killing the marketing dept isn't just the team is losing. It's losing in the most boring way possible. No blown saves. No killer, heartbreaking 8th inning comebacks. No, this team falls behind early and gives up.

Things will turn, and we hopefully have hit rock bottom.

But right now, this really is a train wreck of a club right now.