Mariners Analysis

Friday, May 23, 2008

It's always the players

If the plan was sound, then it must be the players.

That is the strategy many are taking who predicted this season would see the team competing for the playoffs. It's too bad, because while denial is always the first step, I wonder if they will ever reach the second.

Looking back, the signs were everywhere. Computer predictions that had the Mariners not scoring runs. Data that showed this team was terribly defensively. Questions around Oakland and Texas that actually wondered if they would actually be terrible like many had assumed.

Now we have the data to show those signs were real. We do know the teams offense is awful. We have proof the defense is costing this team games. And we look up at Oakland and Texas and wonder if they will ever be caught in the standings.

Instead of acknowledging they overestimated the value of Bedard, they instead lash out at the players. The problem with this approach is you are doomed to repeat your mistake over and over again. You can claim Bedard is worth every penny you paid for him until you are blue in the face, but you miss the opportunity to learn.

Baker was wrong about this team. He was wrong about how this team was constructed, he was wrong about the players skills and he was wrong about McLaren. Bavasi was wrong, but the difference is we never get daily updates from him.

Maybe McLaren, Baker and Bavasi can start a support group. How the season of 2008 was lost because of the players.

Now is a great time to learn something. Blaming the players is the easy way out.