Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Waiting for team to root for

If this team continues to lose and goes further in to a tailspin, it may just provide a team worth rooting for. Could losing big on this road trip be a good thing?

The worst case scenario sees the team sputtering along, playing .500 ball for good stretches and getting Baker and the FO excited while finishing the season with something close to 80 wins. This is the rock bottom deal because it gets the present FO team a chance to return while playing a club that is hard to root for.

The best case scenario sees the team win the World Series. Yeah, World Series!

In the middle of these two scenarios lies something else. A serious free fall that causes the team to fall so far out of contention the team has to make changes in the FO. These changes then lead to more changes, leading to a team that is actually worth watching again.

Baker is actually writing that McLaren would have to go if the losing continues. As we know, there is little chance of anything happening right now, but when a local beat writer starts bringing up posts on removing a manager, it often steamrolls. Fans read it, start asking questions, other writers bring it up, pretty soon the TV's are talking about it and it may take on a life of its own.

Remember when Baker said McLaren deserved his chance to win with his guys? How we couldn't judge him on last season due to Hargrove and the veteran club house?

That same writer is now wondering aloud if McLaren will make it back home if the losing continues. That is a serious change of opinion from just a few months ago.

We all want to watch a team worth rooting for. We want to see this team win. The first quarter of the season has shown this is not that team. Would losing in the short term get us the changes necessary to have a team worth watching?

There is a chance losing may be the best thing to happen to this team.