Mariners Analysis

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Changes coming

The recent quotes by Bavasi were pretty much expected. He confirms, as we've been saying, to not expect many changes in the coming weeks. Very few teams are willing to deal right now, and the farm system is limited in how it can help the club.

The contrived "outburst" by McLaren was sad but expected when your team realizes it's going to have to start firing people. We know this team doesn't like change, but if the losing continues, and we see no reason why it won't, changes will be forced on them.

I expect both McLaren and Sexson will be gone by the All Star break. Ideally Sexson is cut this afternoon, but the team seems hell bent on giving this guy useless at bats in the hope he somehow creates a miracle.

Sexson being cut is a no brainer that the team will be forced to make shortly. If the team loses really badly and Ritchie continues to hit under .200 then he won't make it to the All Star break. At worst, they might try to string this out to the trading deadline in some futile attempt to gain some positive PR. (As much with their bosses as opposed to the public)

If the Mariners continue to lose series after series in the next two weeks, the team will be forced to fire McLaren as well, if for no other reason than to put him out of his own misery. The guy will soon have a nervous breakdown watching Vidro batting cleanup game after game. A merciful execution may be in order.

Once McLaren and Sexson are gone, the rest of the moves will be pretty predictable. Bavasi will be as good as gone by seasons end, and we'll all know it. He will attempt to get some value by moving as many players as he can by the trading deadline. I'm sure he and upper management will have an agreement on what the plan will be for the rest of the games and who can be traded and who will be untouchable. By September we'll be seeing the callups playing regularly and we'll be actively speculating on who is the next GM.

Who ever replaces McLaren will be interim until the new GM is hired. This season will be lost, not only on the field, but in the FO as well. Since the team won't fire Bavasi until after the season, and yet everyone will understand he is no longer in the future, the season will play out as a lame duck from an organizational perspective. Their won't be agreement on whether to tear down or do a minor rebuild, so the team will make small moves meant more to appease an angry fan base than actually improve the team long term.

That's how I see it playing out. McLaren watch is on. Sexson is the first every day player to get cut.

Go M's.