Mariners Analysis

Monday, June 16, 2008

Good thing Morrow is available to save games

When you have the worst record in baseball, how valuable is a closer?

I would argue not very. Would it be great to have a lock-down, lights out closer on any team? Sure.

But for most baseball teams, when facing a rebuild the first thing they look to spin is the bullpen guys. They have value and are simply are a luxury compared to finding lefty power bats and starting pitchers.

The Mariners are watching Morrow rot in the role of "closer" when they should be investing in their future by getting him back to the rotation.

The Front Office is faced with a simple question. When you have the worst record in baseball, is your priority the long term health of the club, or do you focus on short term goals?

It's been apparent which way the present management team leans. They have the choice now to prepare Morrow for next season as a starter. Every day they delay is costing them valuable time.

Release Sexson.
Move Morrow to AA as a starter.

How can they not see this?

It's like they don't realize there will be a season in 2009.