Mariners Analysis

Thursday, June 05, 2008

How Bavasi screws up drafts

Some say the scouting department is allowed to run the draft independent of the front office. That Bavasi has brought much needed talent into the farm system.

Only the Mariners would:
- Turn Morrow in to a reliever. Even if the team was smart enough to take Lincecum, it's pretty obvious he would be in the bullpen as well. This is 100% due to Bavasi and his team. Think about it for a second. The team drafted a college starter with the #5 pick and immediately turned him in to a setup guy the next spring. This is like the Seahawks drafting one of the best college running backs and turning him in to a punt returner. If you would like to recreate this pick personally, take a twenty dollar bill to your nearest banking establishment and demand ten dollars in return. This is the world Bavasi and McLaren live in every day.
- Deny arbitration to Guillen. They knew they were likely trading Jones. They had no viable back up plan. They had ample evidence teams were willing to give him more than one year. By executing their "plan" the way they did, they cost themselves a supplemental pick the worst team in baseball sorely, sorely needs right now.
- Draft a college reliever. This pick is so stupid it boggles the mind. This team has no current corner infielder close to the majors in the farm system and know Beltre is likely gone after next year. They just watched a series with Jose Vidro batting clean up. They are about to release their 1st basemen and the biggest delay is simply the knowledge they have no on in the system any where near ready.

So they draft a reliever, probably the teams one strength right now.

Way to go Bill. Good thing we didn't fire your ass three weeks ago because it might impact the draft.