Mariners Analysis

Friday, June 20, 2008

McLaren still doesn't get it

Remember when Geoff Baker tried to make a big deal about Felix not sticking around for an interview after a poor outing?

I was reminded of it listening to John McLaren's conference call with reporters today. Rather than focus on the obvious-
- Sexson is finished as a 1st basemen for the Mariners
- Vidro is the worst DH in baseball
- Silva is pitching terribly
- Washburn can't win a game at home
- etc...

He chooses to look back on things like club house chemistry. Instead of focusing on the balding tires or leaky engine at the used-car sales lot, he places his attention on the pine tree air freshener when making his decision.

What McLaren could have said was what 99% of the fans would have said in his place. We knew going in to the season we had to have a lot of things go right. Bedard had to be healthy and pitch like an ace. Sexson had to rebound from a terrible outing. Vidro had to hit like he did in the second half of last season.

He doesn't have to throw people under a bus, but he can be honest about what this team needed to happen for it to be successful.

McLaren still has no idea why this team is terrible.

That's why he no longer deserves to be the manager of the Seattle Mariners.