Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Not much to do at this point...

But continue to watch this team lose on a regular basis. It's not like there is a magic bullet or star player who can turn it around. The Mariners have serious flaws on the team and the farm system is in no position to offer much help. What you see is what you get.

So what should the Mariners do?

Nothing earth shattering. The moves are so obvious and have been discussed for so long they come as no surprise.

Step one- DFA Vidro, Sexson and Cairo.
Step two- move Ibanez to DH.
Step three- play Reed and Wlad every day while you begin evaluating what either can offer you long term. Is Reed valuable as a 4th outfielder? Can Wlad learn to recognize pitches and hit for average? Time to start finding out.
Step four- Call up Clement and play him at DH when facing lefties. Alternate him and Joh behind the plate. Determine if Clement is a major league catcher or not.
Step five- work the phones on deals. See what value your players have to other teams.

This team is not going to be able to pad their win total like they did last September to try and please the casual fan. No one will care if they end up with 72 or 82 wins. The season was lost in May. Effective management would react immediately and start planning for the future.

Why give Sexson one more at bat this month? Is he in your teams plan next year? Is there any chance the team resigns Sexson for next year? If not, why play him and let him practice at the major league level?

Let some other team try and figure this guy out. Every day Sexson is on this team, it's basically impossible to believe this management group is even trying.

Lose Sexson, and let the future begin.