Mariners Analysis

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bedard not going anywhere

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The odds are very slim our "ace" is going to be traded before the deadline. It may mean teams wouldn't mind having him, and it will mean you'll see lots of articles speculating about teams acquiring him but those are different then an actual trade.

The ideal scenario for the M's if they did trade Bedard would be at least two major league ready replacements who could fill the many holes that need to be filled next year. The problem is no team is going to make that deal. Instead the Mariners will get prospects, and that means realistically help for the team in 2010 and later.

Let's say for a second the team got a strong offer with some nice AAA players in the mix. Does any Mariner fan feel the front office for this team is ready to plug in rookies in key positions next year? The same current front office that can't get Reed in the game on a regular basis is now ready to trade Bedard for a bunch of rookies to play in 2009?

Until a new regime is in place that embraces youth and understands how and where to play rookies, I just can't see a Bedard trade taking place. The team that sends Bloomquist on the field and struggles to find a proper reason to explain why they dumped Sexson is in no place to trade Bedard.

And besides, would we even trust the current team to get proper value for him?

I don't expect to see Bedard traded, and given what I've seen from the current FO I think that's a good thing.

Say no to trading Bedard, at least for now.