Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Casual fans get reminded of Bavasi mess

When beat writers and columnists write about the teams future, they tend to get carried away on options that are actually obtainable. For example, many casual fans might get the impression that Washburn's recent success has created a market. Read enough of the PI and Times and you might think the teams going to be a big player come the trading deadline.

And then that world clashes with reality.

Exhibit A in this alternate universe reality check is reports Washburn MIGHT get us a Kei Igawa or something of that ilk. Of course even the most casual of fans know to turn their noses at that thought!

It helps to keep guys like Washburn in perspective. The timeline might look like-

1) Washburn is signed by Bavasi for four years and $37 million. The next highest offer is for 1/3 the money and two years
2) For the first two seasons, Washburn is completely untradeable and a poster child for ovepaying for mediocrity
3) Washburn generates modest interest in a pitching-poor market when the remaining money owed Jarrod goes from "Zito-esque" to simply ridiculous
4) Washburn now enters the territory where he is exchangeable for other teams mistakes

In other words, instead of being completely untradeable enough time has gone by that the money owed might (i repeat MIGHT) generate enough interest to get a team to try to dump some crap on us.

That is what the Bavasi era has brought us. A series of maybe trades that will generate little in return.

That is how this team spent $117 million and has so little to show for it.

As I've said multiple times, don't expect much activity or return next week. Regardless of what espn or the Times tries to tell you.