Mariners Analysis

Friday, July 18, 2008

Don't expect much change

Trade Bedard, get rid of Beltre, dump Vidro... writers, fans, bloggers alike all talk about possible changes the Mariners could do before years end.

I've been saying all along don't expect much.

Consider the recent talk of trading Ichiro and compare with Mariner actions-
  • Signed Johjima to a 3 year extension despite terrible play and aging pattern of 32 year old catchers
  • Let Sexson play terrible baseball for a year and half before finally releasing him for "body language" issues and not for being the worst first baseman in the game
  • Still carry Vidro
  • Hit Vidro 4th
  • Play Willie reguarly
  • Play Cairo at all
  • Still let Ibanez "roam" LF
We could go on and on. And now we should consider trading our best every day player? Consider something the Mariners could have done after dumping Bavasi (finally).

Interview a GM candidate.

Does it matter they won't make a final decision until fall? Is there a rule in baseball they can't start the process now?

Of course not. Instead of getting some informed information from potential GM's the team continues to agonize making the most mundane decisions. Remember when they wouldn't even interview Dusty Baker when he was available back in the day? That mind set is still evident today.

Consider another simple plan. Cut Vidro.

It's really that simple. But the team won't do it.

So why in the world would we expect the team that does nothing to actually make a smart decision on Bedard, Ichiro, Beltre ect...??? We don't trust them to make smart moves, and frankly the more non-moves the better until someone who knows something about baseball is in place.

Ichiro is one of the best reasons to watch the Mariners. Why some one would want to deny me that pleasure is beyond comprehension when the team has 100+ other, simpler issues to resolve.

Bedard's not going anywhere. Ichiro's not going anywhere. This season needs to end before real changes are made unfortunately.