Mariners Analysis

Monday, July 07, 2008

M's deserved to lose 15 inning game

As a Mariner fan you never want to feel like your team threw a game away, but really the team did not deserve to win. Any time the Front Office puts a lineup on the field that includes Sexson, Cairo, Bloomie, Burke, Vidro etc... they simply don't deserve the W.

In a sad way, I actually fear the team winning when the put lineups like this on the field. If management continues to think Willie and his "grit" are the keys to winning, they will continue to make poor decisions on future rosters.

This team has three catchers. Why?

This team continues to let Sexson embarrass himself. Why?

This team continues to play Vidro at clean up. Why?

The team lost last night, almost on purpose. Sorry if you paid good money expecting a miracle.