Mariners Analysis

Saturday, July 19, 2008

M's deserved to lose game

It's not often I can say a team deserved to lose a game, especially one with my favorite pitcher on the mound. But the lineup our manager ran out on to the field was so poorly thought out and so terrible I fear it sends the wrong message to the team.

Here's a look at the lineup last night against Cleveland with Felix on the hill-


Take any list you want to put together with whatever scouting/numbers system you choose to use and the four worst hitters on this team are the same- Cairo, Johjima, Burke and Willie in whatever order you want. (Vidro would be just above these guys)

After coming off the All Star break, with every player rested and ready to go, our Front Office managed to put in our 3rd string catcher while simultaneously sitting our two best prospects currently on the team- Reed and Clement.

Instead of keeping even a slight eye to the future of the team, the two players with the most question marks sit on the bench while Willie and Cairo collect useless at bats.

Who cares if Reed and Clement are left handed? Do you think the team cares that Ibanez can't hit right handers worth monkey-poo but all of a sudden "stats" matter for the kids?

I'm glad Felix got the win, but honestly I don't want this team to be rewarded by continually putting absolutely terrible lineups on the field.

If you disagree, then I think we should all kindly tell you to go to hell when you complain about the offense collecting 3 hits when a real pitcher is on the mound...

BTW- Cleveland looked TERRIBLE last night.