Mariners Analysis

Thursday, July 31, 2008

M's strike out again

I predicted on this blog a week ago there would be little activity for the M's at the deadline. I didn't expect much based on our interim GM, lack of talent on the team and past history at the deadline.

The Rhodes trade was a no brainer. We all knew he made perfect sense to be moved, and he was. Give the M's credit for having a pulse.

Washburn was noted as being a pitcher that was oft-talked about but when push came to shove no one wanted to give anything of significance for him. The M's are stupid to have not traded him when they did. By assuming the only team who showed a willingness (Yanks) will casually pick him off waivers is risky, risky business. Don't be shocked when Washburn clears waivers, but don't be surprised to hear no one is taking on his contract because we are in a new month.

Ibanez was also a long shot. We all know the club over values its gritty veterans and were going to need to be blown away to trade him. They weren't and they didn't.

That's it. One minor trade and some talk. The worst team in the AL had a chance to use the trade deadline to make improvements and they chose to pass.

Did we hear rumors of the M's shopping Lopez? Yuni? Anything that required creativity and forward thinking beyond shopping the usual veterans with short contracts?


In this day and age when news is leakier then ever, we heard crickets from the Mariner camp beyond the usual quick fixes. How about floating a Brandon Morrow name out there to see what it would bring back? Am I advocating trading him? No. But I am advocating learning what the worth of your players truly are.

Who were the Mariners targeting from other clubs? Who did they go get?

The Mariner brass stood in front the cameras and said everyone on this team was expendable if it made the team better.

Today we see the results of their action.