Mariners Analysis

Monday, July 07, 2008

Pretty sure offense matters too...

Whenever the team trots out Bloomquist in center field and can't score runs, I'm reminded of the silly comment casual fans like to say-- "pitching wins championships." It sounds like something Yogi would say. Kind of like "good teams beat bad teams" or something similar.

Over at the excellent Replacement Level Yankees web site, they have been going over each position in the AL to see where they rank respective to their peers. Needless to say, the Mariners are not faring too well.

Dead last in the AL for their position:
Vidro- DH
Lopez- 2nd
Johjima- C

Near the bottom-
Betancourt- SS bottom half
Ibanez- LF 4th worst in Al

So five of the nine positions and the Mariners are running dead weight out on the field on a consistent basis. The report isn't done yet for first base. Any ideas where Ritchie might fall?

Think about. The Mariners are running the worst players in the AL at 4 positions!!! Most teams couldn't suck that bad at roster construction if they tried. Dead last, some by quite a bit.

The only player ranked near the top is Adrian Beltre. (I'm guessing Ichiro will be middle of the pack at best.)

The current team management continues to run out some of the worst players at their position, and appears incapable of doing anything about it. They are the laughingstock of baseball and continue to earn our scorn until they actually try to improve this team.