Mariners Analysis

Friday, July 25, 2008

Trade Rumors

As expected the annual hype about possible Mariner trades is in full bloom, despite the fact rarely even one tenth of the rumors ever pan out. The biggest thing keeping the Mariners in the rumor mill is mostly due to the Yankees.

If NY were in first place, I doubt we'd be hearing anywhere near the current interest in players like Washburn. The fact the boys in pinstripes are currently chasing two teams in their own division and face the very real fact the Twins OR White Sox could own the Wild Card makes them a little desperate (and should be making every Mariner fan smile for obvious reason).

Say for example the current rumor of Cano for Kemp/Lowe actually took place. If Pelekoudas was smart, he would be offering Lopez and/or Vidro or Yuni as a solution to the new found hole in the Yankee infield. A lot of scenarios that could involve the Mariners will spring up if any of the major trades involving other teams and the Yankees take place. I hope our GM is talking with Cashman every day trying to get in on the latest trade possibilities that are about to become real.

So here's a recap of what we know is taking place right now:
  • The Yankees are 100% certain to make a move. Too many teams between them and the playoffs; they seem dead set on making changes.
  • Washburn most likely to be traded. He doesn't have any fan appeal and Howie and Chuck will support a trade that saves them money and creates the appearance of action.
  • Ibanez isn't going anywhere. A good GM would explore it, but the team will ask for the moon and other GM's aren't that stupid.
  • Rhodes is still an option to be traded, but other lefties like Sherill are getting all the attention. If Rhodes is moved the return will be so nominal it will hardly register on the excitement scale.
  • Lopez and/or Yuni aren't going anywhere barring a huge deal between other teams. This only reinforces why the current team can't be trusted this winter as both should be actively shopped right now. The fact your not hearing much about either is unfortunate.
  • The Mariners aren't going to get excellent prospects from the Yankees without throwing money into it. The teams not going to shed salary AND get prospects. The Yankees are not the idiots the rumors would make them appear.
No one is getting traded over the weekend. I suspect many of the teams on the fence are waiting to see how the weekend series go and teams like the Braves will jump start the process when they finally make a move. It's like a series of dominoes and by Tuesday the first one will have been knocked over. How many more fall depend on the size of a trade. A big one will guarantee action for Mariner players.