Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trade Washburn now!

A number of writers have jumped in on the Mexican standoff. Some believe the Mariners have every right to stand up to the mighty Yankees and should hold firm. Just because the team is far and away the worst in the AL doesn't mean it has to act like the farm system for the AL East. Or so the thinking goes.

Here is what's wrong with that argument.


What Lee Peler... Pelaa... Pelahughalophus errrr our GM is missing is the value the Yankees are already offering by agreeing to take on the Mariners salary obligation. Many fans think the Yankees need to offer up a serious prospect like Gardner or Melky to make this worth while for the club.

But they already are. What the Mariners should be doing is dancing in the aisles over ridding themselves of Washburn with the knowledge they have $14 million back in their pocket!

What would the Mariners receive for Washburn? Whatever $14 million can get you. A revamped outfield, a new first basemen, a new starting pitcher, a car for Chuck and Howie... whatever the team wants. Even in todays world, $14 million gives you a lot of flexibility. If nothing else, you could use that money as your "Latin bonus fund" and go wild on a few guys. The Yankees are literally giving you multiple prospects by offering to take Washburn off your hands.

If the team thinks Washburn will be easily picked up off waivers in August, put down the crack pipe and get some fresh air. Every day that clicks off the calendar is reducing the impact a guy like Washburn can provide. In August the Yankees might get Hughes (and Wang in Sept) back- maybe they don't bite on Washburn. And teams like the Cardinals are much less likely to take on $10 million in salary for next year when they are only getting 4-5 starts this year.

Trade Washburn now. Don't think about it. Just do it.

The Mariners continue to show why they are the worst run team in baseball.