Mariners Analysis

Monday, August 04, 2008

Morrow is not a security blanket

Or a babysitter for that matter. Yet we hear more and more the M's are finally considering having a plan to move Morrow to the rotation (hooray for waking from zombie sleep) but the plan depends on Putz.

To which I say wtf!

Who cares if Putz is ready to close right now. You are the worst team in the AL BY FAR. There really isn't even a close second. Your closer situation is the last thing on the list to worry about.

Do we even need to debate who is more important, a starter or closer? Any rational, breathing baseball person (sorry Chuck) knows full well Brandon Morrow is more important to this team as a starter. Do you think the Yanks regret moving Joba to the rotation? Do you think the Giants are considering moving Lincecum to the bullpen? This line of thinking is so stupid it's embarrassing to even need to bring it up.

This past weekend saw 30,000+ fans show up on a weekend to watch the worst team in the AL play Baltimore. Do you think the closer situation matters to one fan that showed up at Safeco? Do you think Dad told the kids "let's go see a baseball ga... oh wait, Morrow isn't in the bullpen... forget it" even once?

If Safeco fans were about winning and losing, the place would have been deserted yesterday. But our illustrious leaders pat themselves on the back for making idiotic decisions like leaving Morrow in the bullpen by rationalising they are keeping fans coming through the turnstiles.

Morrow's development should be 100% focused on making him the best starting pitcher he can be. If he fails, he can head back to the bullpen. The closers role on a team heading toward 100+ losses is not simply not a problem they should be worrying about. It's like their watching their car get repo'd and wondering if the tire pressure is okay. In my opinion the teams handling of Morrow is a clear sign leadership is behaving irresponsibly and should be replaced. There is simply no rational argument that begins with "Putz needs..." or "The bullpen..." when talking about the move to Morrow and the rotation. There just isn't.

So where is the media in all this? Does Larry Stone criticize the Mariners handling of the situation in the paper? Does Geoff Baker, or Hickey or anyone else who gets paid to follow this team call bullshit on this cave man thinking?

If we want the Mariners to act like a team that's thinking of the future, we need the local media to start caring as well. I know Kelley and a lot of the local writers are probably gearing up for football and have already lost interest in the season. But that is no excuse they can't use their forum to educate the masses when the team is making yet again a stupid baseball decision. We don't need to extend Jose Vidro, and we sure as hell don't need to see Brandon Morrow closing games 1-2 times a week.

Stupid is as stupid does.