Mariners Analysis

Friday, August 01, 2008

Time for team to put "plan" in action

Last year Bill Bavasi right after the trade deadline made the ridiculous statement bringing Adam Jones from AAA was "in play" and we soon saw him with the club. Of course there is no rule in baseball that says you can't bring prospects up until after the trade deadline, hence the ridiculous quote, but for whatever reason it took the deadline to get the team to make a move.

Now that the artificial deadline has past, what can we expect? Are there are plans in store for Lee and the brain trust?

Here's a few obvious moves.

- Release Vidro. He will of course clear waivers and many have expected his release. However, as I noted earlier the team could have released him months ago and didn't. With the expanded Sept. roster getting closer by the day, I expect Vidro to remain with the team in a reduced role.
- Bring up RRS. He is pitching well in AAA and could be brought up to replace Batista or Washburn. Will certainly join club by September at the latest.
- Washburn traded. He should be immediately put on waivers to see if teams are still willing to eat his contract. Baker and others think the market for Washburns contract is bigger than I do. With teams like the Yankees having future options Hughes and Wang getting closer by the day, I don't see any reason the team would want to wait until late August to make a move. If he isn't moved in the next 10 days, I suspect he's on the opening day roster in '09.
- Morrow to rotation. Should have already happened. Smart teams don't send top talent to winter ball, and hoping Morrow magically becomes a starter next spring is risky. However, team has shown no ability to think ahead so expect him to remain in pen for rest of the year.
- Wlad. Should be brought up and given playing time in majors, however I've never been sold on him as an every day major league player so don't really care what they do here. I expect him to be called up in September and keep the bench warm.
- Cairo release. Team won't do it. Next.
- Bench Willie. Team won't do it. Next.
- Move Ibanez to DH. Team won't do it. Next.
- ??

Ideally the team will start making moves to strengthen the roster knowledge they have going in to the off season. However, they consistently have over valued their players and are still struggling to understand why the team is so lousy. Combined with a bunch of interim managers who have little to no creative bones in their body, we can expect much of the same.

Send out same players.
Lose game.
Act surprised same plan produces same results.
Go home at end of season.

That appears to be the "plan" Chuck and Howie are implementing.