Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We all make mistakes

As the Mariners head toward 100 losses it's pretty obvious the team stinks. Management has juggled the lineup, shuffled players, cut a few, given veterans yards of slack and the losing continues. I think it is fair to say mistakes were made in assembling the team.

Along the way, us fans have made mistakes too. I thought the team was .500 or a little better (I predicted mid-80's the most likely outcome). I never saw this train wreck coming. I made a mistake in judging just how bad this team would be.

But the big debate among Mariner fans after the "how good is this post-88 win team going to be" is the Bedard trade. Sides were taken. Words written. Venom and blood intermingled.

We can now say the trade was a complete disaster. The Bedard supporters couldn't draw up a worse scenario if they tried. Even the most ardent pro-trade fans will admit the trade hurt the team and should never have been made. In other words, the other side was right.

And that's a hard thing for some people to admit. Wrong sucks. It means your analysis, your knowledge of the game, your belief system is incorrect and the only way to avoid the mistake again is to change.

And we all know how people fear change.

This season was set up as a showdown. On one side you have people like USS Mariner, LL, Rob Neyer, BP etc... arguing the team isn't good and the trade foolish on the part of the Mariners. On the other side you have supporters like KJR, Baker, Stone, Kelley, Hickey etc... who thought the trade turned the team in to contenders.

We don't even need to finish up the season to see who won do we? This was a first round knockout and by May the staredown was over and only the most supportive fans around to view the carcass.

If you believed the Bedard trade was good at the time, don't you have to give the other side a little more credit than you did before when the next debate comes up? Don't you have to admit you made a mistake and move on?

It's one thing to say you made a mistake.

It's another to actually make the changes necessary to avoid them in the future. What's the saying.... insanity is doing the same thing twice and expecting different results.

Time for some people to stop the insanity.