Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Who is in charge of the Mariners?

Now they DFA Vidro on August 5th? Right after they move Morrow to the pen?

I'm with everybody else. Where did this come from?

Sure, the team is the laughing stock of baseball. They will be the first $100+ million team with 100 losses. They are included on every list of losers with regards to the trading deadline. Their decision to draft a reliever in the first round was met with snickers throughout baseball. They are regularly included in the bottom on team rankings. They are casually slammed by baseball analysts on a daily basis. The Onion even jumps in the fray. What is left? The Word on the Colbert Report?

Through all this, the team continued on its merry way, making decisions that baffled everyone. Now out of the blue, with the same interim GM and interim manager who was quoted LAST NIGHT there was no internal consensus on Morrow, who hadn't talked to the pitching coach about moving Morrow in TEN DAYS we have our bombshells.

It's great. I'm not complaining. I'd just like to understand why our irrational friends suddenly make two good decisions in a row. Even blind squirrels find a nut? Or is something else happening over at Safeco field behind the scenes?

This is not the normal Mariner Front Office. Something happen, and I suspect we'll get some answers shortly.