Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wow, Washburn is awesome

Six innings, only gives up three earned. I am sure at least a dozen teams are chomping at the bit to take on his salary for next year when they see the kind of performance Jarrod is capable of.

According to Baker and others, the M's can make a deal at any time since they can simply put him on waivers and watch him get snapped up. With Joba out, this seems like the perfect time to test the theory.

Personally I think it's crazy to believe the M's always had an August waiver option with Washburn. The team took a chance when they passed on trading him to the Yankees. Now they are forced to soon decide when to put him on waivers and see if teams bite.

The longer they wait, the more likely Baker and others will be wrong for assuming Washburn would be easily moved this month.

(Then again, I was wrong about the team releasing Vidro with so little time left in the season. I think one thing we can all agree on is we've all been wrong in one way or another about this season.)

But Washburn needs to go. There should be no disagreement there, regardless of how easy you might think it will be.