Mariners Analysis

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bedard done

With the news Eric Bedard will never pitch again for the Mariners, we can actually do two things:
  • Close the books on the trade
  • Identify people who refuse to learn
The first part is easy. Instead of hearing how we should wait until next year to see what a healthy Bedard can do for the Mariners, we can officially call the trade a complete, utter disaster. Whether you think a trade can only be evaluated by what we know at the time of the trade, or whether you think a trade can only be evaluated by results, the scorecard is complete. The Bedard for farm system trade will be remembered as one of the most lopsided trades in recent baseball history. Historically bad for the Mariners and historically in the context of all teams. It was that bad.

The second part is just as easy. We have reporters like Baker who took potshots at people who dared to criticize the trade over the winter who need to come out and set the record straight.

The question is not whether Baker owes anyone an apology. The question is can Baker learn? Can he admit that if a future trade similar to the Bedard-for-farm opportunity arises, will he listen to the Baker who argued so passionately over the winter that the trade was worth the risk? Or will he admit he might listen to the USS Mariner position a little more strongly next time?

It's okay to be wrong. We've all been wrong before about something. But it's not okay to refuse to learn anything.

That's just being an ass.