Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Morrow reason to watch

Even as recently as two years ago, I would watch 150+ games a year either in person or on TV. Last year saw the number decline, and this year I'm sure will hit a low point that hasn't been seen since the early 90's.

Interim management, lousy team, not entertaining. It would be easier if young kids like Clement or Wlad were hitting, but they aren't and I could really care less if Cairo is in the lineup or not.

But Morrow is something else. He is the lone bright spot, along with Felix the only pitcher who can really claim to be part of the solution.

The Huskies suck. The Sonics are gone. The Seahawks are predictably on the decline (I never understood the optimism around the team going in to the season among fans.) We know about the Mariners.

Brandon Morrow. I thought he'd struggle as a starter this soon, but he is proving me wrong in a pleasant manner. A few more like him and I expect my game interest will return to normal.