Mariners Analysis

Monday, October 27, 2008

Moyer unbelievable

I thought the Rays were the better team, and until last night we saw incredibly close and exciting games being played. Watching Jamie on Saturday, he was simply unbelievable.

All of his pitches were on the edge of the strike zone, and you could feel the frustration through the TV on the part of the Rays batters. He left nothing over the plate, his command was perfect and he was the Moyer we wanted to see- baffling major league hitters with 78mph strikes.

I wanted the Rays to win, expected them to win, but wanted to see Moyer do well. I got to see the second part on Saturday. Is a win tonight too much to ask?

I'm not ready for this season to be over, even with the dreck we watched at Safeco all summer.

A win gives us a shot at a 7th game. THAT would be a nice way to end the season, even though it looks very unlikely at this point.