Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Not impressed, but willing to keep open mind

First instinct when hearing Jack Zduriencik is our new GM?


Let's see, by the time this thing turns around we'll have a 60 year old GM who hopefully has learned enough on the job to actually make a World Series appearence not seem like a joke. Is that the plan?

Sorry to make a big deal about the age, but I want someone who understands computers. I don't want a McCain, I want a 21st Century GM.

Now of course the counterargument is to have our new GM surround himself with young whippersnappers who understand how to build a world class repository of baseball data. There is nothing to suggest that won't happen.

But why beyond hope (like the Phillies thing) would we actually think this WILL happen? What evidence do we have that Zduriencik even acknowledges he has a weakness in the area? He just won a job presumably on his strengths, and this is his first job as GM. Pretty hard to imagine he went in to the interview and said "look, I don't know FIP from F/X but I'm going to find someone who does and we'll work together to rebuild this team."

We have a scouting director who has never been a GM as our new hope. A guy who will learn on the job, with Lincoln and Chuck as his guides. (Oh, and Lee lurking in the background.)

I'm willing to keep an open mind and judge him on his actions, not my fears. Hopefully he comes out, connects with the community and makes our team better. He is certainly better than Bavasi.

But I have to say, right now I'm underwhelmed by the announcement.