Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hope this isn't it

So far I've been really happy with everything Zduriencik has done. He's made smart baseball decisions and I'm taking the winter off with the expectation of watching a fun, exciting team come spring training.

But as we get closer, I'm getting a little worried. I've liked all the trades and player moves he's made, but always assuming more are coming. Every day I wake up expecting to hear Yuni has been traded, or Lopez is gone or Johjima is FedEx'd to Japan or something...

If the team we have today is the one that takes the field on openign day, I'll be really, really disappointed. I know Jack has to cut the budget and completely revamp the Front Office, but still... I want to see a good bat come to this lineup, and no I'm not talking about Griffey.

Jack, please make this team better.