Mariners Analysis

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Payroll and the Nationals

The word is apparently out the Mariners want to cut payroll by 20%. Last year payroll went up roughly 20%. Last year the Mariners received a one-time payment of $20 million from the sale of the Nationals.


The Mariners have never been one of the top spending teams in baseball. The team has always tried to pretend it was to the casual fan, but it's not even the top spending team in its division (Angels) much less baseball.

When the season starts, take a gander at the Athletics payroll and the Mariners. You'll see the difference is far smaller than one might think given how Beane and the A's are always mentioned as a small market team.

Our ownership group is more concerned about paying down the debt on Safeco then they are about winning. Period. They don't understand the best way to make the debt seem insignificant is to build a winning team and watch the overall value grow. Wonder why the Angels are able to spend more per year than the Mariners?

Competent ownership. The 2009 Mariners will have a payroll a little above average despite the sweetheart stadium deal and sun worshiping fans who watched a terrible team the past 5 years.

Good luck Z. We understand you're working for a boss who nixed the Washburn trade and now tells you to cut payroll 20%. Not exactly the Yankees formula for winning, is it?