Mariners Analysis

Friday, February 20, 2009

Still hard to believe so many tickets for Griffey

When figuring out the "cost" of acquiring Griffey, I'm sure the team ran the numbers to see how much impact on the bottom line he actually has. What we as fans don't know is how much revenue is tied to an additional ticket purchased for Junior. Incremental revenue if you will.

Is it ten bucks a ticket the team realizes in the profit ledger? Twenty, fifty? Who knows.

But I guarantee you the team knows. Parking, beers, food etc... all of this helps the teams finances, and there is no doubt it will be helped now that Griffey is coming. Since the team reports its finances to the county ever year, we may just know how much he contributed down the road.

Still, I sit in wonderment at fans who are purchasing tickets solely to Griffey's arrival. If its opening night you can be guaranteed barring injury he's in the game, but after that?

Who's to say Griffey will actually be playing a particular game down the road? We don't know the pitcher, the lineup, the health... so many variables to whether he plays or not. Are we going to hear sob stories from fans on TV who complain to the camera the only reason they came to the park was to see Griffey and how disappointed they are he isn't playing?

I'd say count on it. I will say this also puts huge pressure on the manager to keep him in the lineup as much as possible. (Which, ironically may in the end increase the odds he misses significant time.)

The best case for fans who are buying tickets to see Griffey is for him to remain healthy and productive. It would seem to be in everyones best interests for it to happen, even if you came to see the other 24 Mariners play too...