Mariners Analysis

Monday, March 09, 2009

Beltre to the Yankees?

With A-Rod out of the lineup for at least 35 games, you know the Beltre-to-Yanks rumors are going to heat up. Beltre is in the last year of his contract and the Mariners are coming off a 101 loss season. The #2 pick in June is not going to restock the system alone, and it would seem unlikely Beltre resigns with this team during the off season. (All it takes is one team to offer him a crazy contract and the Mariners lose Beltre for some comp picks in 2010 if you favor the wait and see aproach- no thanks.)

The smart move is to shop Beltre at the trade deadline and at least see what he brings.

But shouldn't you call the Yanks and see if there is interest right now? What would you expect for Beltre if the Yankees are interested?

How about Austin Jackson for Beltre straight up? The Mariners lose their starting 3rd basemen but get a CF of the future in return? Perhaps Brackman and Melancon to restock the system with pitching talent? I would expect at least one top three pick of their system with some lower level guys with potential to make it worth Jack's time.

At least call the Yankees and see if they are interested, don't wait by the phone or listen to internet rumors. The pressure on the Yankees to win now in the most competitive division in baseball is enourmous. The Mariners have exactly what the Yankees need to keep up with Boston and Tampa, and Beltre is unlikely to be a part of this teams future.

Call Jack- you know what the Mariners need better than anyone. This is one rumor I hope becomes reality.