Mariners Analysis

Monday, March 30, 2009

Morrow situation sucks

Remember last year when Morrow pitched against the Yankees at Safeco? And for a moment, Mariner fans could look ahead and dream about a rotation with Felix and Morrow and see light ahead.

Today that dream is officially shattered with the news Morrow is no longer a starting candidate.


Easy. Every hand in the decisions over the years to keep Morrow in the pen, looking at the short term gain ahead of the future of the club. This is squarely on Bavasi's shoulders, McLaren, Hargrove and the rest of the staff who continued to try to win now and worry about the future later.

Well today the future is now and the Mariners used the #5 pick on a reliever. To make things worse, Fontaine and company drafted Josh Fields with the #17 pick who is also limited to one inning stints.

That is how you create a bad franchise. Use your draft picks incorrectly and you'll be in the basement for a long, long time. (And for the record, the Fields pick is still a complete leftover on Bavasi and company. You can't pin Jack for signing Fields. Not signing would mean the team would need to wait until next year to see this years signing take the field- the comp pick this year is not guaranteed and the signing would be almost guaranteed to be long and drawn out. Take Fields now, as opposed to next year with the 24 pick. Easy decision for Jack.)

The first real problem I do have with Zduriencik is the decision to send Clement to AAA. He is 25, mashes AAA pitching and has nothing left to prove. You've had your #3 pick for years, now is the time to see what you have.

Bad Monday to be a Mariner fan. Not the end of the world, but not what we wanted either.