Mariners Analysis

Monday, April 06, 2009

Aumont news tough way to end spring training

Instead of being excited to see Felix pitch, I'm still bummed over the idiotic decision to move Aumont to the bullpen.

Quick question for Jack. The Yankees have this guy starting the game for them and he's 6'7" too. Would you move him to the bullpen?

Seriously, this really makes me question our new GM's approach. When even Geoff Baker is immediately going "wait, are you serious" you should be worried. Call me worried.

But the team is going to play, and I'm guessing they are going to win 70-something games. The good news is somebody is going to surprise us, in a pleasant way. Last year most of the team underperformed, with only a few bright spots like Lopez. This year, I fully expect a few players to break out.

Go Felix, it's sunny out and the games count. This was a long winter and I'm excited to watch baseball again.