Mariners Analysis

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bullpen still a work in progress

No reason for us to be surprised the team lost to the Angels in the final game of the series. We knew this team would be challenged to score runs on a consistent basis. Last night the starting pitching was more then we could have possible expected, but realistically the team only scored one run and you're not going to win a lot of games with that level of output. So our offense went missing and the bullpen gave up some runs it couldn't afford to give up. This will be repeated many times this season I'm sure.

It is interesting to note the attendance after the opener. I was there Tuesday and it turns out there were only twelve more yesterday, so I'm not sure where all the Griffey supporters are.

We were told when the team signed Griffey fans would flock to ballpark just to see him. I guess I failed to read the fine print of the guarantee. Apparently they will show, but not if it's April midweek against the primary division rival.

It's funny to think about. I love Griffey so much I'll go to the game just for him, but not during the week. Just too busy and hectic. And I want it warm. I love Griffey, but not in the cold.

So to summarize, the Griffey ticket sales will happen when its warm and on the weekend. (apparently)

I think I'll stick to the midweek games, even if it means less rally fry opportunities.