Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Morrow blow ups bound to happen

Brandon chose to be the closer, and the team was only too happy to oblige. We remember he had a rocky spring and it's going to take a while to get this entire bullpen figured out. Should we expect more of these debacles? Of course. Does that make it hurt any less? No.

Meanwhile, the competing sports radio hosts are going crazy trying to explain/drum up emotions over the loss. Geoff Baker was on with Mitch this morning, and tried to explain the whole "Morrow decision" about moving to the bullpen.

The biggest thing not mentioned?

Morrow's reluctance to work in the minors to develop himself as a pitcher.

Remember, thanks to the rocket science combo of Hargrove/Bavasi, Brandon Morrow has not had to spend a lot of time in the minors. His move to the bullpen means he's broken camp with the big club every year. Instead of building up arm strength in the minors, developing off speed pitches, figuring out how to handle his diabetes as a starter... he has gotten used to THE SHOW. People carrying your bags. Per diems. Chartered air.

This year the team faced a problem with Morrow. If he was going to be a starter, he was going to need to go back to the minors to work this stuff out. Spring training wasn't enough.

You think Morrow didn't know this? You think he never thought of bus rides? Minor league money? You think this didn't play a HUGE decision in his decision to remain with the club as a reliever instead of heading down south to AAA and all that entails?

Morrow took the easy route when he decided to stay as Brandon-the-closer instead of Brandon-the-starter. He has no idea if he can be a starter with diabetes, but he knows he'll make nice money as a reliever, and really nice money long term if he can be a closer.

Morrow avoided going back to AAA and correcting the mistake Bavasi and Hargrove made years ago. Last night, in the 9th, we all paid the price for Morrow learning on the job instead of in Tacoma. Let's hope he develops in to the closer he thinks he can real fast.