Mariners Analysis

Monday, April 13, 2009

Please keep on winning

With Ichiro about to join a 5-2 club, can we please get some more wins?

If the club loses, whether it's blown saves, bad calls whatever... Ichiro will immediately get blamed by the ignorant masses as the satan-child they believe he is and countless articles and annoying comments will be made saying the team is better of without him.

He is our best position player and endlessly fascinating at the same time. The fact he is different and from another country however causes a bullseye to be placed on him by some "fans." (I use the term "fan" here loosely because really they are complete idiots)

So if we had our choice- win a few games with Ichiro or win without, we also choose with because of the risk of stirring up these "fans" and their crazy theories. But we don't have a choice and the team started the season playing like we hoped.

Let's pray they keep the winning for a while longer, if only to keep a lid on the Ichiro-haters out there.