Mariners Analysis

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Team continues to show warts

No one is complaining about being in first place, but if we learned anything this road trip it's that this team is not, today, a playoff caliber team. (Sure if Griffey and Sweeney enter a time machine and remove ten years, and Beltre thinks its '04 again, we might see this team being a force in October.)

But you can't continue to hope you hold the other team to a couple of runs every night to have a chance to win. And you cant' expect the occasional 9-run outbursts to be a sign of hope either. If this team is going to remain in first, it needs to improve the offense.

Jack, we need you to make a decision on Yuni. Is this really the SS of your team going forward? So far the answer seems to be yes, but I can't believe that is your final answer.

Clement, how does he help this team?

Left-handed pinch hitter? Go get one.

They are small steps but will help our pitchers win games. I'm sure our front office has noticed the Angels have started winning again and getting closer and closer. I'm not worried about "upsetting" this team by making changes as long as we have Bedard and Feliz heading out 40% of the time. Go Jack, make this team better.