Mariners Analysis

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Will Silva last the year?

Remember when Ryan Franklin couldn't buy a win for the Mariners? If he held the team to a couple of runs, it didn't matter as the team found a way to lose. With Silva on a similar path, is it impossible to think it might happen and the team has no choice but to ditch him this year?

Think about it. Let's say Silva does pitch better but the results in the win column don't reflect it. If the Mariners are hanging around the division leaders in July, say 4-5 games back, can they afford to continually send out a 2-8 Silva to the mound? The public will start booing, Silva feels even more stress to produce... it could get ugly.

I'm not predicting a doomsday scenario, but I can easily imagine a public relations disaster looming if Silva doesn't get this thing going. The old "moving Carlos to the bullpen to straighten his mechanics out" or "mysterious arm injury- DL" trip may be in order.

Ryan Franklin needed a change in scenery. There is a chance the Mariners may need to jettison Carlos Silva this year, no matter how much it costs them.