Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Will Silva suck tonight?

I'm pretty sure the PR department for the Mariners would have preferred ANY pitcher other than Carlos Silva to pitch tonight. But that's now how it worked out, and he'll be under a huge microscope on opening day.
  • The team is 5-2 and people are excited about the possibility they might be competitive this year.
  • Griffey and the crazed love affair the city has with him.
  • Packed stadium
  • Everyone's preseason favorite Angels who owned the Mariners last year facing him
  • Silva sucked last year and is a poster child of the Bavasi regime
  • Silva was terrible in his first start and largely responsible for one of the teams losses
Silva really couldn't have more pressure on him.

The season will be a lot more enjoyable for everyone if Carlos Silva pitches well tonight. History says he won't. Can he catch a break tonight?